Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Desperate Stand

This painting was made in 1898. Painting is oil on canvas. Well this piece i like it. I see light colors were used. Plus of course guess who are the main characters in this? If the cowboys in the front shooting was your guess well good job. You can see that they are trying to fight for their lives. You can see the Indians in the distance going in circles. This move these cowboys did i have seen in cowboy movies. They would even shoot their own horses to provide some type of of cover. Also you can see that both teams lost some brave men.


This painting was made in 1918. Painting is oil on canvas. Well I love this piece because I saw it myself at my visit to the Denver Art Museum. This painting amazes me like the different type of oranges shade in the back. I think it just sets a calm mood. What also attracted me was like i wondered what that lady could be whispering to that guy? Maybe even women back then had a better sense of direction than the me. Also fun fact for ya this painting was sold for $5.6 million in a auction in 2005.